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About Portfolium

Portfolium is the leading academic ePortfolio network for you to visually showcase your work, projects and skills to employers. Upload photos from your academic, extracurricular and work experiences into your own free portfolio. Organize and share proof of your skills and projects from inside and outside of the classroom, and across all fields of study including computer science, engineering, architecture, science, art and design, business, economics, community service, and more....

Thousands of top companies across all industries recruit and hire talent on Portfolium, and hundreds of thousands of visitors use Portfolium to track the latest and greatest student talent.

You're doing amazing things - Portfolium is where you share them with the world.


· Add and organize photos and videos of your work and projects
· Showcase your skills and experiences to employers
· Present your portfolio on-the-go
· Browse our featured galleries for inspiration
· Connect and collaborate with other talented students across of all fields of study


When a resume and bare bones LinkedIn profile just wouldn't cut it, a university student launched Portfolium knowing there had to be a better way to showcase college projects and accomplishments. Starting with a web-based network, portfolium.com includes a job board, company profiles, private university networks, and a wide rage of multimedia importing options for users to populate their portfolios. This native iOS app was designed to let you build and share your "portfolio on-the-go" while finding inspiration from other users across the world and all major fields of study.

Build, showcase, connect, and share on Portfolium!

For more information, including helpful tips for college students, access to company profiles and job boards, university networks, and more, please visit our website at https://portfolium.com. Before that, download this free app and build your portfolio on the go.

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