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- speed, g-force, altitude, inclination, compass, track friends, broadcast position.
Will report on your fun and achievement for instant publication to social media.
Roller Coaster Riding, Mountain Climbing, Walking, Jogging, Running, Skateboarding, Skiing, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Driving a Car, Motorcycle or on the Water.

Records all sorts of movement, where you where, your speed and your position in 3 dimensions. Graph your achievements, map your travels. Share it with your friends.
The ideal answer to the question; What have you been up to / What did you do
ActionReporter makes your smartphone into a reporting device for when you are out and about.
Records speed, distance, time, altitude, inclination (% rise and fall of hills), g-force and position. At the end of the recording it creates an instant report you can upload to social media like Facebook using a single click (after initial login). It will then appear in your friends news stream as an update from you.
All data are stored in a file on your device.
Let's you display your recorded data in numbers, a graph or on a map. 

ActionReporter has a built in ability to store your position on the web if you so wish, where they you give the link and pascode to, can display your last position on a map. ActionReporter’s GroupView displays the position of up to 8 friends, that has given you their pascode. You can also show them on a map, individually or all together.
Position recording is adjustable from every 2 minutes up to 24 hours.

Speed and distance is available in nautical miles(knots), kilometres(km/h) or miles(mph). Position displays are available in decimal or minutes. Compass displays are available in degrees or traditional. Altitude is available in meters and feet.

You should let your mobile use both gps and mobile networks for positioning. Without mobile networks it could take up to 30 minutes for your phone gps to get it's first location fix. With mob networks just 20 seconds.

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--- is a maker of several different apps within Social, Tracking, Exercise and Marine: Loggers, Trackers, Messengers, Event Organizers, Shift Displayers, Encrypters
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GroupTracker – find your friends – FREE Trial for minimum 30 days
ActionReporter – records speed, g-force, altitude, % incline, direction - FREE 
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for Windows Phone from Microsoft App Store