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Don't you hate having to set a seperate alarm schedule for your LIFX & Philips Hue smart light? Sunrise Alarm for LIFX & Hue was made to fix this! The first automated sunrise alarm clock for LIFX & Philips Hue that has all the features you could ever ask for! Transform your LIFX & Hue lights into full-featured wake up lights!

How it works:
This app reads the next alarm set and turns on your LIFX & Hue lights before your alarm automatically, emulating a sunrise in your bedroom. It integrates with your regular alarm clock app!

• Adjustable colors: from red to the different shades of white (1500-6500k)
• Dynamic customizable color transition: light changes its color gradually e.g. from deep orange to daylight white
• Sunrise starting time before the alarm: 0 - 90 min
• Duration of the sunrise: 0 - 90 min
• Twilight: blue light before the sunrise
• Turns off the light afterwards automatically if desired
• Active hours: only act on alarms in a specified time frame
• Custom schedules
• Schedules can be exported to the bridge (Hue only)
• IFTTT support
• Tasker/Automate integration via intents
• Select single lights or groups/rooms

Please contact me, if the app doesn't work! I'll do my best to fix the issue but need your help in doing so. Every bug report helps me improving the app! I'll send you a refund, if we can't get it to work!

Be advised:
• Aggressive battery saving features of some devices/vendors may interfere with the functionality of Sunrise Alarm. Please keep them disabled or exclude Sunrise Alarm!
• Some wakeup apps don't set regular alarms that Sunrise Alarm can read. Automatic reading of the next alarm won't work with e.g. PocketBell.

Don't got any LIFX or Hue lights?
If you've got a smartlight that's supported by IFTTT, Sunrise Alarm can still provide basic functionality. In the debug menu there is the setting "IFTTT / Tasker only mode" and with this you can use Sunrise Alarm without having to setup or even own any LIFX or Hue lights!

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