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CIBANK Mobile is a specialized application for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and others)
All individuals and legal bodies, who are currently users of CIBANK Online and who own a mobile device with an Android operational system, can easily, rapidly and safely access their profile to do their banking by installing the free mobile application.
Technical requirements for installing the application are running on an Android operational system 4.0 and above.
To log in the application, users are required to use the same User ID, password or/and Token from CIBANK Online. On first entry, the application requires users to use a token in order to activate the application on the given mobile device!
Users of CIBANK Online that use a qualified digital signature cannot access the application.
Depending on the identification on entry, the following restrictions are implemented:
a/ on entry with an User ID and password, transactions are limited to BGN 500 per day for individual clients and to BGN 1000 per day for legal bodies.
b/ on entry with an User ID, password and token, users can initiate transactions of up to BGN 30 000 or equivalent in currency on any separate transaction.
The mobile banking system of CIBANK allows you to manage your accounts 24/7.
CIBANK Mobile provides you access to the following services: manage your bills, credits and credit cards. As well as initiate the following transactions: transfer money between accounts, transfer money to other beneficiaries – BISERA and RINGS, exchange currency. Transactions can also be completed by using the available templates in CIBANK Online.
The application uses the GPS module of the given mobile device, determines current location and locates on a map the closest ATMs and CIBANK offices.
Useful information (offices, currency exchange rates, contacts, legal framework, settings) is available on the application without requiring user authentication.

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