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Choresy get chores done.

Choresy is a revolutionary easy-to-use app that utilizes the devices your kids are already using to engage and reward them for completing chores. Choresy is a "must have app" for a better life.

Chores without stress

No more nagging. No more frustration of asking your kids to do their chores repeatedly.
Simply let us know what chore you want done and we'll notify your kids on the devices they're glued to that there's a chore available to do and what it's worth. They'll be jumping to do chores!

How it works

Face it.. some days you would gladly pay a couple bucks to get the house in order without having to nag your kids. This is where Choresy comes in.

Say you just came home from work to a pile of dishes in the sink. You're running late for soccer practice and need to get dinner going. So you create a Choresy worth $2

We'll nag them for you

Kids are on devices. It's just the way it is. Rather than screaming across your house for them to do the dishes. We will notify them on their devices with a distinct sound and visual that there is a chore to be done. Here's the fun part. The first child to claim the chore gets to do the chore and receive the reward.

Chore Ownership

We let you know instantly who has claimed the chore.

Chores are done to your satisfaction

When your kids complete a chore they will mark the chore as completed and wait for you to approve. Rewards are issued only once the chore is approved.

Modern Allowance

The next time you and your child are out and they ask for a toy or a treat, you will open the Choresy app and deduct the cost of the toy or treat from their Choresy balance. Your child has just learned the value of a dollar and you can be assured that every Choresy dollar in their account was earned... pretty cool huh?

Choresy gets chores done.

What are you waiting for. Download Choresy and start getting chores done.

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