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It looks like this princess needs a lot of help in this cleaning game. As you can see she doesn't come very close to keeping her room clean and in order. Your task in this princess game would be to refresh her clothes once with the whole room. The place needs to be all cleaned up and you have to be prepared for the challenges that appear. Begin with the cleaning part where you are responsible for each part of the room to look like new again. To be able to make that place feel like a home you have to remove the garbage and put each piece in the trash where the dirt belongs. Broken things need to be fixed and replaced, also the dirt from the ground needs to be removed using the vacuum cleaner and the mop. Then take off the spider web and clean the windows as well as the walls; the bed needs attention too. Use the tools you have and try to make each task in the way it should be done. Use the vacuum cleaner for leftovers and take the mop to the wet space. Once the cleaning part is done you just have to go to the next phase. The dishes washing is a little bit more complex and you got to take each plate and rub the dirt off it then wash it up. You also need to clean the sink because once the dishes are cleaned the dirt remains in there. Complete this stage too and move to the iron clothing. This could be a fun way to start learning how the chores are done around the house. Get the clothes and make them look like new again. Make sure you accomplish all the given tasks and at the end, the princess will be eternally grateful.

There are certain features this game shows like:
- Free and easy gameplay
- Cheerful background sounds and cool graphics
- Learning how to accomplish the given tasks
- Experience a wonderful gameplay
- New abilities to gain during the process
- Funky accessories and interesting styles to adopt
- Cleaning and designing challenges
- Variety of tools and processes to accomplish

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