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iMpulsify has been overhauled. Not only has the Kit Kat crashing issue been fixed, we have listened to your feedback and revamped the UI. Most notibly, the Instructions tab has done away with the still images in favor of our recently completed tutorial videos. Every aspect of this powerful little device is explored and explained in simple but thourough detail. We appriciate your feedback so please update your iMpulsify and let us know what you think.

Gamepad support on iMpulse is now available to enjoy tons of gamepad enabled games, including GTA Vice Ctiy!!

Your firmware version can be seen in your bluetooth settings. If you see 1.1 then your firmware is up-to-date and includes gamepad support. If you see 1.0 then you should update your firmware at:

This nifty App is highly recommended for iMpulse Controller ( owners, but not required.

All here in one App - Usage instructions, supported games list, graphical displays about modes and button presses, as well as current status of your iMpulse.

Also a must-have for Developers who are making their games compatible with the iMpulse protocol.

Note: Some users are having issues with 'KitKat'. This latest update should fix that. Also we are working on tutorial videos to replace the picture instructions and gamepad mode update. Stay tuned!

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