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If you ever wondered how is like to be a farmer or what it takes to keep the stables all cleaned up, you should definitely play this awesome animal game where your abilities to adapt in different situations are tested. You were assigned to take care of three totally common animals that you might find in a farm, but you will be able to see and learn the work behind the scenes where the animals don't look so pretty anymore and they are actually your direct responsibility. As you've already saw from the beginning there are exactly three animals you will be taking care of, but to be able to look after them, first you have to create for them proper conditions and a suitable environment to settle in. The horse is the one that will start your caretaker challenge. You will have to remove the dirt from the ground, also there is poop everywhere and you need to get rid of it immediately because is smells horrible. Don't neglect the spider web that is spread on each corner, clean the floor and make sure the walls are spotless. One more thing that is left is choosing the right type of food for this horse.

Now you need to look after the cow's stable and do the same as in the previous one. Your steps will be guided along the way and as you can see you will accomplish a different procedure for this animal. There comes the pig home where you need to accommodate with the smell and keeping that in mind create a mud paradise for this little filthy animal. Have fun and try to become a good farmer.

You don't want to miss any feature this game is ready to offer you and that is why you are able to see them closely in this dedicated spot where we present them shortly. And they are:
- Cool procedure to execute
- Taking care of cute little animals
- Variety of tools and processes to accomplish
- Free to play
- Joyful background music and a pretty interesting interface
- New abilities to gain during the process
- Learn the right way to treat different animals like: pigs, cows and horses
- Understand the importance of a good hygiene
- Become a vet for all these animals from the farm

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