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To be a successful manager you have to practice and even more than this you really need to go through a busy day of a mom that runs a supermarket. You are asked to be multitasking and it seems crazy because there are so many things to do around the place so you will make it functional and ready to serve customers. It seems like the mom business shows you actually how is like to have and manage a supermarket which is pretty cool when you think about it. There are so many tasks you should accomplish that is the reason you need to start working right away. As a top manager, you've got the biggest responsibilities on you and that could be fine if you are an organized person and you like to solve problems. In this mom game, you are going through three phases in order to finish the game, but to be able to move from one to another you must complete entirely each one of them. Begin with the cleaning part and make sure the place looks like a proper store where your clients could buy from. Wash the floors, remove the spider web and throw away the trash. The purchase step is just when you make the inventory and see what kinds of products are missing or rotten, so you can replace them to have a full grocery. There is also an interactive game in the refilling step where you have to find the clothing stuff and place them where they belong. When you are done the customers are free to shop and in this part, you will be helping them as well. You are assigned to do the billing process where you are weighing the fruits or other products then you are recording the products in your supermarket database and charge the clients for the stuff they buy. And this is how a crazy day of a mom at a supermarket is.

You might wanna see what this game prepared for you in this features list :
- Easy and free to play
- Cool experience with managing a supermarket
- Learning how to take care of a store and how to administrate it
- Clean, maintain, obtain and keep the supermarket with a good reputation
- Provide a multiple challenge and many tasks to fulfill
- Relaxing background music
- Be a cashier, a cleaner, a supplier and serve your clients too
- Try to multitask and learn how you can run your own virtual business

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