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Kids are so adorable, but they are the cutest when you have to play with them or any activity that doesn't imply more stress. But as you like to be challenged, this baby game will offer you more than you ask for. Have a delightful and educative experience where you will help a crazy mom and dad to get their work done. First, you will be going with the mother in the kitchen where you will be cooking the different plates that are about to be served on the lunchtime. There you've got the baby food that has to be mixed, the yummy dessert with apples and the other juices and dishes. Now that the food items are ready you will have to feed the babies according to their requires. Take one child at a time and make sure you will be doing your best. Next is coming the dad's job to bath the kids and make them all cleaned again. Turn the water on and get them into the bath tube. Either that you will have to play with them while you will be proceeding with the washing you have to accomplish the tasks that are in each baby's imaginary bubble. There will be a time when they ask for a toy or for a hair rubbing, do them both and then get them dry to be prepared for the time where the mom and dad will be sharing the playground. There will be a necessary happiness meter that will show you the exact amount of time you need to spend playing. Use all the toys your kids ask for and get them to have fun while you are taking a proper care of them.

Many features are going to impress you in this game and if you can localize them you could easily search them in the section below:
- Cool parenting experience
- The game control is actually simple
- Complex and detailed graphics
- Lovely background sounds
- Getting to know how to be responsible
- Having a good care of two little kids
- Feeding the babies, bathing them, also playing with them
- Fulfill all their wishes and try to keep them happy
- Being able to split responsibilities between a mom and a dad

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