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Meet up with the princess in this horse caring game as she has something really special planned for the day. You will get to see what a majestic horse she has and also help her take good care of it. In the first stages of the game you will have to prepare the horse for a dress up game and to do so you will have to first brush his mane.

Once the brushing is done, move forward and add some ointment to her knees so it will feel a lot better when she is galloping away. Wait for it to get inside the tissue and then rub it off. Meanwhile, you can prepare the horse for a good scrub by showering her with warm water. Add a special shampoo and then spread it all over with the sponge.

Rinse the pretty fur and make it regain its past glory. Now all that is left to do is dry off the horse and start preparing for the accessories that you can choose for it. Firstly, you should go with the mane and the tail hair as they will go together nicely.

Choose an awesome saddle and all sorts of accessories that are fit for horses. In no time you will have brought an ordinary horse into something that exists only in fairy tales. Each of the accessories will bring up a menu and you will be able to choose from lots of different items. You can match them together or you can add numerous colors to make it a really bright and playful horsy. The princess will surely be proud of your work if you follow all the instructions.

This horse dress up game has plenty of cool features:
-Stunning graphics
-Easy to understand
-User friendly instructions
-Beautiful characters
-Multiple stages
-Plenty of things to do
-Allows for player choice and expression

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