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Breadcrumbs - Track your phone's whereabouts.

It tracks the phone coordinates and can be posted automatically on Facebook wall and email for continuous tracking. Facebook post and email when clicked, it shows the coordinates in marker and path in a static map.

Useful when tracking your loved ones, or when someone snatched your phone while you are commuting to your work.


version 1.1.3
- static map is now at 650x650 in pixel size
- map zoom is decreased by 1 so more streets are viewed
- added a small counter above the "Reset Route" to see if it's saving the coordinates.
- "0:0" the first "0" is the marker counter. If it gets to "10", it starts sending you your phone's location and
the second "0" is the lap(s) counter.

version 1.1.2
- fixed background running app
- fixed AirPush Mobile Ads to target useful Ads.

version 1.1.1
- fixed email linking.
- fixed wrong icon showing on posts.

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