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1.7 out of 5

About T-Mobile DIGITS

T-Mobile DIGITS is an application that gives T-Mobile customers the power to leverage your phone number on all your devices, including smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop computers, plus wearable devices. DIGITS empowers T-Mobile customers to utilize up to five phone numbers on a single device or multiple devices all with the same number so that you can receive calls from work, home, and more, all in one place.

DIGITS is ideal for:
• Small businesses – keep work and personal separate, plus share your work line
• Home phone replacement – contact all family members anytime, anywhere
• Teams & clubs – Contact your coaches, leaders, and teammates at the touch of a button
• Privacy shield – use for online shopping or social apps

Use DIGITS to:
• Make and receive voice calls
• Send and receive text messages
• Check voicemail
• See missed calls

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