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About Goalsetter: Invest & Bank

Goalsetter is a mobile banking, debit card, and investing app that focuses on educating the next generation with fun financial quizzes based on pop culture, putting them on the path to financial freedom. Whether you're a teen wanting financial independence, a parent wanting to start saving with their kids, or an adult who wants to jump-start their financial literacy, we have features for every need.

Goalsetter - Debit Card & Banking For All
With Goalsetter, everyone can take control of their finances, learning money management skills to work their personal finances. With a debit card for everyone, you can learn to earn, spend smartly and save. Parents can send money to their kids' and teens' debit cards, control when it's active, and have complete insight into their transaction's history. Together, families can establish smart spending and saving habits. Our "Goalsetter" plan includes all features below except our "Goalsetter Gold" investment accounts.
Goalsetter Gold - Investing & Stocks For The Whole Family
"Goalsetter Gold" is our new brokerage plan allowing you and your family to buy and sell stocks and Exchange-Traded-Funds (ETFs). Not only will you be able to own a piece of companies, but you also have access to our education tools to learn more about the stock market and investing.
Our "Learning Mode" will teach you all the essential stock trading terms with videos that answer all the questions you were afraid to ask so you can become an Investment Master, and you can toggle on and off in the dashboard as you need. There's a matching quiz you can take for each video you watch to become an Investment Master - so study up!
"Goalsetter Gold" is our all-access plan for all the features we have to offer!

Financial Literacy via Memes & Games
Our financial literacy quizzes are made for all family members of all ages - for adults, teens, kids, and tweens. All quizzes are mapped to national financial literacy standards, so every individual learns healthy money habits, financial language, and math skills through pop culture memes and gifs.

Chores & Allowance
Since we know that every family does allowance differently, we've set up Allowance Rules that let you give allowance according to your family's philosophy. You set up the amounts to pay each kid and link your bank account, and we'll make the weekly allowance transfers to your kids' Goalsetter accounts. No more IOUs required!

Savings & Goal Tracker
Kids and parents can set up goals within the app to save and track progress for long-term goals, whether a rainy day or a vacation fund. Families can contribute to these goals, and they also serve as a continued reminder for kids to be setting aside money for the future. Once the goal is met, the funds can be cashed out and used. Don't worry though; we know that plans change and life happens. You can cash out from a goal at any time.

Safety & Security
Money in your Goalsetter account is FDIC insured up to $250,000 through our bank partner, Evolve Bank and Trust. Goalsetter partners with SynapseFi to provide financial services through Evolve Bank and Trust. Goalsetter uses 128-bit encryption, and we do not store any of your personal information and do not move money without your authorization.

Transfers can take up to 4 business days to settle. Once the transaction has settled, you can cash out or move money between goals!

*Winner of an FDIC Award 2021*
*Winner of JP Morgan Chase Financial Solutions Lab 2018*
*Winner of Morgan Stanley Innovations Lab 2018*
*Winner of FinTech Innovation Lab 2019*

Investment advice is provided by Goalsetter Advisors, LLC d/b/a Goalsetter Gold. Goalsetter Gold Investment accounts are not FDIC-insured, nor bank guaranteed and may lose value.

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