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About Bloom - Learn to Invest

Introducing Bloom, the #1 app for learning how to invest!

Whether you’re a teen looking to get a head start on your financial journey, or a young adult striving for financial freedom, Bloom is your destination to learn, earn, and invest to grow your wealth and knowledge. Join our community of 1 MILLION+ Bloomers learning & investing on Bloom, and take control of your financial future today.


- 200+ bite-sized, interactive financial lessons crafted by Ivy League professors & business leaders on critical topics like investing, money, credit, saving & more!
- Start out with “investing basics”, then build your knowledge through more advanced lessons on concepts like diversification, dollar cost averaging, cryptocurrency, fundamental analysis, and more!
- Learn how to pick stocks, build your portfolio and invest smarter
- Test your knowledge with quick quizzes and earn stock rewards
- With new lessons released every week, you’ll always be able to learn something new


- Bloom allows you to open a real investing account in just a few minutes so you invest in 5,000+ stocks / ETFs and start building your wealth!
- $0 commissions when you trade stocks and ETFs on Bloom!
- Teens 13 - 17 can start investing on Bloom with parental approval through our UTMA/UTGMA custodial accounts
- Fractional shares - start investing with as little as $1!
- Crypto: invest in 4 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum & more
- Set up investing strategies with conditional and recurring orders
- Easy, instant deposits from bank accounts & debit cards + no-fee withdrawals so you can get your money when you need it
- Set price alerts on your favorite stocks to track their price movement
- Your account is SIPC insured up to $500,000 and protected by bank-grade encryption & authentication


- Pass the “Investing Basics” quiz & earn up to $75 in free stocks!
- Earn “Oinks” for completing financial lessons & quizzes
- Exchange Oinks for real rewards like stocks, raffle tickets, gift cards, and more!
- Play games like “Guess the Stock”, “Card Game”, and the “Stock Simulator Tournament” to earn Oinks
- Complete “Quests” like buying your first stock, sharing Bloom with friends & more to earn even more Oinks!



Investing is the most effective way to build long-term wealth, but most teens don’t learn about investing or personal finance in school. Bloom teaches your child about these important concepts with 200+ world-class financial lessons crafted by Ivy League professors and business leaders, as well as a real investing account with industry-leading parental controls.

- Bloom allows you to open a UTMA/UGMA custodial brokerage account for your child in just a few minutes! Plus, our custodial accounts automatically transfer to your teen when they turn 18 - 25, depending on your state of residence.

- With parental controls & options, you can be as involved in your teen’s financial journey as you’d like:
- Approve your teen's stock trades through the Bloom app, or turn on automatic approvals
- View your teen's progress on their financial lessons
- Control the types of assets that your teen can buy and sell
- Monitor your teen's investments & returns
- Don’t want your teen investing yet? No problem — start them out with the lessons, and open a brokerage account whenever you feel comfortable!

- Flexible, safe funding options:
- Add funds to your teen's investing account with a bank account or debit card with as little as $1 — or allow them to fund their own account
- Set up an allowance directly on Bloom to make recurring deposits to your child’s investing account & teach them about income, saving and more!
- Withdraw funds from your child’s account at any time
- Your account is SIPC insured up to $500,000 and protected by bank-grade encryption & authentication

- Have more than one teen? We’ve got you covered — add up to 5 teens to your account with no additional cost!

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