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About Copper - Kids & Teen Banking

Copper: Where kids learn while they bank, and parents keep an eye on them as they build the financial skills they need to succeed. It’s that simple.

We’re the only banking app that truly teaches teens & kids about money, setting them up for future financial success. With Copper, they'll gain vital real-world experience as they bank, save, and invest their money — all in a safe learning environment, with financial literacy moments built in. With real-time monitoring and alerts, parents get full visibility over it all.

For Kids & Teens:
- With Copper, you'll enjoy all the benefits of having a (knowledge) bank in your pocket.
- Get a shiny new Copper debit card with your name on it.
- Shop in-store, online, or with Apple Pay.
- Get $$$ from Mom and Dad instantly.
- Learn to invest the smart way.
- Earn $$$ by referring your friends.
- Track when, where, and how you're using your money.
- Set savings goals and learn how to reach them!

For Parents:
- Skip the ATM. Send money to your kids instantly through the app!
- Automate allowance one time, then never worry about having cash again
- Monitor your child's spending with real-time alerts
- Backed by financial literacy experts, Copper teaches kids about money in a safe learning environment
- Help your child build confidence and independence
- Empower your kid's budgeting and savings skills with our top-rated app
- Teach smart investing habits with a portfolio built just for them
- Trust that your child is learning the skills they need to succeed in the real world


With Copper, families get:
- Built-in financial literacy & real-world money tools
- FDIC-insured savings account
- 2% in Savings Rewards
- Copper debit card (Physical & Virtual)
- Access to 50,000+ ATMs nationwide
- Savings goals
- Instant P2P money transfers
- Divvy (automated saving and investing)
- RoundUps (automatically save and invest your spare change)
- Automated Allowance
- Spend monitoring notifications
- Embedded safety features
- Early Direct Deposit (teens get paid up to 2 days faster)
- Zero overdraft fees
- Zero hidden fees
- NO credit checks
- Armed with Zero Liability Protection
- World-Class Customer Support

The future starts now with Copper + Invest.

Get all that comes with Copper, plus:
- 5% Savings Rewards
- Diversified investment portfolio tailored to their risk level
- Priority access to our World-Class Customer Support team

Peace of mind for parents. Financial education & empowerment for kids. Get Copper.

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1 Copper is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by Evolve Bank & Trust; Members FDIC. Investing services provided by NFA, an SEC registered investment advisor. Brokerage services provided by DriveWealth, LLC, member SIPC. NFA offers three different risk portfolios consisting of ETFs which includes the above mentioned single name stocks

2 Source: App Store, as of 3/10/23

3 Eligible for instant money transfers when funding with an external debit card. Processing times are often instant but in some cases may take longer.

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