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Humans Inc.
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About Flip.shop

Remember when shopping was with friends? We’re tapping into those roots.
For the connections made.
For the laughter shared.
For the stories told over transactions.
For the shared joy of a good find.
For everyone who understands that shopping is not just about acquiring, but about coming together.
We believe that shopping is an age-old conversation, and every purchase is a story waiting to be shared. Remembering the times when bartering brought communities closer? We’re bringing that back.
Stay engaged.
Connect deeply.
Share your finds, not just silently.
Come see the human side of commerce:
* Revel in a space where brands and products aren’t just seen but talked about.
* Dive into genuine conversations from real people about their purchases.
* Earn rewards by engaging in discussions, sharing your stories, and listening to others.
* Experience hassle-free checkouts, swift deliveries, live support, and easy returns.
Welcome to the Flip side of shopping.
It’s not just about the goods; it’s about the good times.
This is gonna be good.

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