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Aleh Sorochich
4.7 out of 5

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Special timer for interval training.
This Interval Tabata Timer offers:
• Very intuitive interface. After installing this timer you need to press one button to start a tabata workout with classic settings.
• Ability to set up prepare, work, rest, rest between sets, cool down time, number of cycles and sets.
• Intervals can be configured individually. With this interval training timer you can create any interval workout with any sequence of intervals.
• Voice assistant with text-to-speech.
• Add descriptions to intervals that will be displayed on the timer screen and will be voiced.
• Bright and nice colors.
• Ability to lower the volume in your music player while playing the timer sounds (ducking).
• List of your saved workouts.
• NEW! Quick workout - setup your workout with fast and ease.
The opportunity to display mode:
- Tabata Protocol.
- Rounds.
- Stopwatch.
- Intervals.
Tabata is a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT):
• Workout hard for 20 seconds
• Rest for 10 seconds
• Complete 8 rounds
It's time to train, good luck!

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