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VA: Health and Benefits

US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
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About VA: Health and Benefits

With the official VA: Health & Benefits app, you can manage your VA health care, benefits, and payments from your mobile phone or tablet.

Features include:

Biometric Sign-in
- Use your phone’s built-in security features—like fingerprint and face recognition—to securely access your information.

Health care tools
- Refill and track your VA prescriptions.
- Send and receive secure messages from your VA health care team.
- Review appointments and add them to your calendar.
- Get your records for VA vaccines, such as COVID-19.

Benefits tools
- Check your disability rating.
- Review your claim or appeal status.
- Submit evidence for your claim or appeal.
- Download common VA letters.

Payments tools
- Review payments we’ve sent you.
- Update your direct deposit information.

Facility locator
- Find VA facilities and services near you.

Veterans Crisis Line
- Get quick access to the VA Crisis Line.

Need help with this app? Call us at 800-698-2411 (TTY: 711). We’re here 24/7.

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