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FRIDAY helps you stop companies from selling your location history. We notify location data brokers that our users want to exercise their Right To Opt Out. These are rights granted by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA.) CCPA allows a user to designate an Authorized Agent to exercise the user's rights. FRIDAY serves as that Authorized Agent.

Companies buy and sell your location data using your mobile advertising ID. This ID cannot be looked up on your settings - the only way to access it is for an app to extract it. Our app retrieves that mobile advertising ID and then notifies the data brokers that may be selling it that if they have it, they must stop. We also record all responses for you. And we report our results to the relevant regulators, to make sure that each data broker is held accountable.

This app is and will always free. There is no upsell, trial, or paid service. In the future, FRIDAY will release different revenue-focused services. But you shouldn't have to pay for your privacy and dignity. It was taken without your permission, and our goal is to right this wrong by giving you control.

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