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User are required to install Adobe AIR to run the CAD 3D @ Android apps.

This apps consists of downloadable notes in PDF format and videos in Youtube channel. Internet connections are required to run the apps.

This CAD 3D @ Android consists of three main menu.
1) part.ipt
2) assemble.iam
3) drawing.idw

Part is the essential mode in Design Software. It allowed user to create any 2D shape to finish as 3D model. Tools and icons varied from basic shape (line, circle, polygon, etc) to create extrude, revolve, sweep, etc). Any changes in dimension can be done at any time.

Drawing is important to show the detail of drawn part. The projection can be determined either first or third angle projection. Each file saved can contain more than one drawing (depends on no of sheets). Scale and paper size of each drawing can be set differently to meet the output demand.

Assembly mode in Design Software is use to assemble more than one component. The assembly will show the working position of each component in 3D model. Tools of constraints (mate, angle, insert, etc) are the main icons to ease the assemble process.

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