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Oh no! There are so many adorable animals in this game that you couldn't resist the temptation to not play it. For sure is a fun idea, but there are some responsibilities that comes along with all these. This animal lover mom got the courage to own and care three different pets and because of that she is going crazy and will need your help to face the challenge. As you can see there is a kitty cat, a fluffy dog and a sweet pony that will require serious nursing skills, but in order to help them you have to take each one aside and offer a proper care according to their needs and asked environment. You will be guided along the way and each task will measure your devotion for these animals because now they will be yours. The cat will be first and you will have to cut her excess of nails then when she is ready put her right in the bath tube to get a cleaning and relaxing bubble wash. Use the soap and rub her skin in order to get her all covered by bubbles, then make sure you wash the fur. Dry her and use some beauty tricks to spoil her a little bit. You have the possibility to makeup the kitty and right after you will be adding the clothes with that sparkling tiara. If you are now playing with the pony you will see some similarities in the procedure, but you will be adding a face mask and even more makeup. The mascara and the braided hair will make a nice match with the pony's outfit. The dog turn has come and he will be pampered with a treatment that will whiten his teeth, then you will be taking a bath and if you follow the instructions there is no way you couldn't finish the last animal. Have fun and try to see how a mom that adopted three animals has her normal day and how you should behave with each one of them.

There are many features this game brings in order to be your favorite:
- Free and easy to play
- Joyful music and cool graphics
- Develop new abilities and improve the old one
- Create a safe environment and a cleaned one
- Take responsibilities and learn how to take care of a little cat, a pony and a puppy

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