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Gossip Girls Divas in Highschool

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These three high school girls want to become real divas and in their schedule is programmed a new gossip gathering so they all need to look perfect for it. Come and play this makeover game to manage three different characters. You will make some facial treatments and mask, then a natural makeup and in the end, you will be choosing a challenging outfit for each of your girls. First, apply a face washer to remove the dirt that infiltrates into her skin, simply remove it with warm water, as is done in real life. To moisturize her face you need to add a face cream with therapeutical proprieties. The eyebrows look untidy so you have to take care of them too while you eliminate the pimples in order to maintain the surface clean and smooth. You will even make a home made a mask that will make her face all smooth and ready to begin the makeup phase. Find a way to create a perfect look using the makeup and your fashion talent. Get the look you want and have fun playing with colors. Now that you finalized this process, you can move to the dressing part where you'll create the magic outfit this girl always wanted. Combine colors and textures, use your imagination and create a change in her wardrobe. Try on different looks and be ready to innovate some aspects because once you'll go a little bit crazy there is no way back and you'll see everyone is predictable to a little change. Have fun and try unique looks for these high school divas.

More awesome features brought for you could be checked out in this game here:
- Free and easy to play
- Beautiful clothing and great accessories to add
- Face treatments to execute and makeups
- Possibility to diversify your creation in three ways
- Challenge your fashion designer skills and improve them if it's possible
- Try interesting ways to create a new look
- Assembling well-design outfits
- Great experience to gain
- Help three high school girls to find their own personal styles

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