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Please watch the teach video to know how to use it.

This application is used for screen light, breath light, atmosphere light and screen flashlight.

Screen Light + Breath Light ( Let this application help to sleep )

Screen Light : Any color used for sleep light.
Bright Light : Breath follow the light and shade, help you easy to sleep.

If you have insomnia problem and can not easy to sleep, maybe this application can help you.
Try to breath follow the light and shade, reduce your tension and then sleep well.

[Quick Screen Light Guideline]

When you open this application, the screen light will auto enable.

After click the Fx-button, Fx setting page will display.
In the "Light Mode",
- Select "Fixed", the brightness of screen light will be fixed. This is the screen light.
- Select "Breath", and then setup counts in 1 minutes. This is the breath light.
In the "Color Mode",
- Select "Fixed", the color of screen will be fixed.
- Select "Dynamic", the color of screen will change slowly.

You can use the following method to change other settings:
1. Click the screen to show/hide menu.
2. Drag red seek bar to change screen brightness.
3. Click color picker button to change screen color.
4. Click time button (bottom-middle), this application can be set to automatically shut down after how long.

This application is easy to setup. And it will record settings you last used.
If you want to start the app brightness is maintained at "low screen brightness", please change it in the setting page.

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