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About Password Manager Home

Really completely free ! Cloud and memory card backup / restore, Excel CSV files Import / Export......All of the features are free ! No built-in purchase.No official server to record your password items.
This will ensure that your information is closed and secure!

[Password Manager Home] for Android is very easy to use, allowing you to organize your passwords into different categories.
[Password Manager Home] also allows for the creation of custom categories and fields if the presets don't meet your needs.
Your password information is protected using AES data encryption. Even the master password is encrypted.
[Password Manager Home] support for backup to and restore from Dropbox Cloud or SD card.
[Password Manager Home] full support for Excel CSV files import and export.--->>>Please use [comma] as the field separator
All of the features in [Password Manager Home] are free.Now try it out!

---[Password Manager Home] Interface---
Support for Lock Pattern or Master Password for app protection.

Support for [Tag] that lets you group items together from the different categories.

You can customize the categories and add more required fields.

You can change the list order of categories or items.

Support for English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, or Japanese.Of course, you can also specify the language that you want to use.

Support for Full-Text Search and Fuzzy Query.

You can put frequently used items to [My favorites] group.

Built-in Password Generator.(You can specify the password rules in [Preferences])

Support for Android 2.3 and above.

---[Password Manager Home] Data Protection---
Support for Dropbox Cloud backup and Restore,a Background Process will automatically back up the changed data after exiting the app.

You can specify a limited time for the background backup,when the background process exceed the time limit,it will be shut down.(So that you can save your battery.)

Support for backup to and restore from external SD Card.

Data can be moved to SD card to save valuable internal storage.

All fields are able to use 128-bit encryption, the encryption key can also be customized, do not worry about data leakage.

---[Password Manager Home] Import/Export---
You can export data to CSV files and edit in Excel.Other Excel files also can be saved as CSV format,copy these files to the specified position,you will be able to Preview them in the app and import to database.

The most important thing is all of the features in [Password Manager Home] are free(if you don't mind the small banner ads...)

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