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This mobile application provides the ability for mobile ArcGIS Online subscribers to both collect new and edit existing features when out of Wi-Fi range or disconnected. Point, line and polygon editing is supported as are image attachments. Offline base maps are provided by locally stored tile packages. Once back online the edited features are synced with ArcGIS Online. The mobile app is cross platform, and can be easily configured and extended.

The application has been designed to be simple and intuitive: no GIS knowledge is required. The app can be easily extended to provide custom workflows.


You can log into the app and use test data with the following credentials: demouser/demouser.

When you sign up through ArcGIS MarketPlace - - we will contact you directly with instructions on how to test your own ArcGIS Online published data

For optimum stability and performance, the app is best used to visualize and edit up to 1000 features in one map view.

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