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As an Android user and Lytro camera owner I was disappointed to find no way of viewing Lytro pics on my tablet & phone.

So I made one

It also shows more information than the official desktop viewer, it allows viewing of the full range of depth possibilities and the actual depth map that its based on. It also allows refocusing and perspective shifting.

Once you have synced your camera with the desktop app and processed the images they can be found under Libraries > Pictures > Lytro Desktop > Libraries > Lytro Library.lytrolibrary

on OSX the pictures can be found in Pictures > Lytro Library > Lytro Library.lytrolibrary

There's multiple directories with long names such as a072baac-3284-4663- etc, each folder inside there contains a few files. You want "stacklq.lfp" copy that to your Android devices storage and you'll then be able to open and view with lytView. You might want to rename it to something different like stacklq_A.lfp if youre going to have more than one pic viewable.

Remember to process the perspective information in the desktop app before copying if you wish to view that too.

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