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Add joystick support to An2An Remote, to redirect analog controller actions from one device to another device through Bluetooth or WiFi/Network. Support connected physical controller and virtual controller (e.g. GameKeyboard Joystick Mode, Sixaxis Controller System Mode, Moga Universal Driver Gamepad Mode). This is not a standalone app and there is no separated icon after installed.

Recommend to check compatibility with An2An Remote (Demo) before purchase.

Please contact us for any problem (

- Turn your wired controller into an wireless controller.
- If you have a phone with built-in game controller (e.g. Xperia Play, Nvidia Shield, Droid X360, JXD S5110, Yinlips G18A), you don't need to buy controller for other devices.
- When the target device cannot connect to a game controller directly (e.g. no OTG, Firmware unsupported, unrooted), you can use another compatible device as a "bridge".

- An2An Remote (Demo) 3.0.0+ (
- Transmitter devices with OS which supports analog joystick (typically OS 3.1+ devices)
- Rooted Receiver device with OS which supports analog joystick (typically OS 3.1+ devices)

1. Install and setup An2An Remote
2. Install An2An Joystick to Transmitter device, restart transmitter app if running.
3. Enable "Use Root Features" on Receiver device, and grant root permission.
4. Connect An2An Remote normally and start using.

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