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About AnVICEx64

AnVICE is a VICE x64 port for Android. VICE is an emulator from VICE Team which emulates lots of Commodore computers. This port included the x64 portion which emulate a Commodore 64 (C64).

IMPORTANT: Require your C64 ROM and Disk/Tape image to work, and make sure your sdcard can be accessed through /sdcard. Please check the general tips section for instruction.

We appreciate any rating, comments and suggestions, but in case you need some answer, please check description below, check FAQ on homepage, or email us directly (

This app is based on VICE and AnDOSBox, for GPL enquiries please email to developer.

- Support True Drive Emulation mode which greatly improve compatibility
- Compatible with wide range of C64 Disk/Tape image format, like .d64, .prg, .tap
- Convenient Unlock Speed mode for fast forward
- Multiple savestates
- Tape control
- Customize VICE config file for advance configuration, such as changing palette
- Work in Portrait or Landscape mode with free resize
- Support Sound
- Work with Software and Hardware keyboard
- Support entering special keys like CBM, Run/Stop and Function keys
- Built-in Virtual TrackPad and Virtual Joystick

Known Issues
- On some device it failed to call out the software keyboard. In this case, try holding the "menu" hardware key, or turn on (menu->input mode->show keyboard fix).

General Tips
- Put C64 and Drive ROM into a writable sdcard under folders named "c64" and "drives" respectively and place them side by side, e.g. /sdcard/vice/c64 and /sdcard/vice/drives. Get WinVICE for reference.
- If have problem running some program, try turning on "True Drive Emulation" before emulation start.
- Use "menu->buttons->show buttons" to check hidden buttons and joystick area.
- Holding Special Keys onscreen button (Top Left) for Unlock Speed (Warp) mode.
- Savestate will bind to the autostart disk/tape inserted BEFORE the emulator started, disk change after that will not
change the binding.
- To avoid accidental mouse click, switch to Joystick mode/Scroll Screen mode, or turn off "Tap screen as Click" from "menu->input mode".
- Select change disk then press Back without selecing a disk file will eject a disk from the drive.
- Use Right-Alt instead of Left-Alt (or turning off "menu->input mode->map left-alt key") to type special letters on physical keyboard.
- To use D-Pad as keyboard arrows, make sure Joystick Keys is not in D-Pad mode ("menu->settings->joystick keys").
- To use Button Mapper, make sure Joystick Keys is disabled.
- Edit sdl-vicerc located in /sdcard for advance configuration.
- Use our "GameKeyboard" or "Flit Keyboard" with it's Extra Plugin as companion if needed.

Joystick Tips
See FAQ in homepage.

To input C64 specific keys
See FAQ in homepage.

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